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A brand new approach for lancing devices. Genteel’s unique technology cannot be found elsewhere and is covered by 40+ US and international patents.Dr. Christopher Jacobs the CEO and Chief Research Engineer for Genteel challenges everything you’ve come to believe about a lancing device.The world’s only stand-alone lancing device with full FDA clearance, approved for fingers as well as alternate site testing.

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The concept for the device began in 2014 at Imperial College London. Smart Peak Flow was invented to help people keep track of their asthma in a convenient way. In 2017, the final device was created and is the world’s first peak flow meter to use smartphone technology. This device is important because, in the past few decades, asthma care has mostly stayed the same. However, the number of mild to severe asthma cases is growing. This device helps those people with their condition by giving accurate information and what they can do to manage it better.

Stet Clean was born from the joint venture of two companies highly specialized in the field of disinfection. About Light Progress: For nearly 30 years Light Progress has been occupied with the design and production of UV-C ray devices, with strong germicide power to disinfect the air, water and surfaces of the environment. Leader in the sector, the company has been a pioneer in the study of the use of UV-C rays since the early 1980s. The vast field experience and applications find use in completely different sectors between healthcare industry, food industry, HVAC systems and water treatment.  About EgoHealth: The egoHealth team is composed of 4 professionals: a lawyer, an electronic bioengineer, a doctor specialized in Hygiene and Public Health, and a biologist with complementary skills to research and develop innovative and highly technological medical devices. Three Co-founders are Professor/Researchers of the University of Siena with a relevant scientific activity in the field of Bioengineering and Public Health.
Cnoga is a leading digital healthcare company which develops innovative noninvasive medical devices to provide a complete end to end solution for remote patients monitoring. Cnoga provides full virtual care services enabling people to live their healthiest life.

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