The MTX is the ideal device for Anemia testing as it measures haemoglobin level by simply placing a finger without the need draw blood. it’s a new, accurate and easy to use method that will make the blood donation process more efficient. With the use of dedictated “singular” App and eHealth management cloud system the donors data can be safely managed, analyzed and shared with the donors.

Tailored for Blood Banks Save your donors the inconveniences of pricking 

  • Non-invasive Hb, HCT and RBC
  • Eliminate risks of blood contamination
  • Save on consumables
  • Save space. money and time not dealing with bio – hazardous waste
  • Accurate results in 60 seconds
  • Store results in dedicated App/cloud
  • CE approved

It also offers you many advantages

  • Managing donors database
  • Sharing the results with the donors
  • Sending reminders for future donations

Cnoga’s MTX device is based on a patented optical technology. Four Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) within the device that emit light in different wavelengths through the fingertip tissues. Numerous images of the fingertip are captured by the device camera. Cnoga’s algorithms are able to process these images and derive a haemoglobin level.