Genteel Lancing Device is a brand new concept in painless lancing, completely replacing the pain and discomfort of industry standard spring-loaded devices.The Most lancing devices on the market today mainly rely on extracting blood from the fingertips, because they are the primary area where blood capillaries are closest to the surface of the skin. Genteel is recommended for anyone—adult or child—where a drop of blood is needed for frequent or occasional testing, such as diabetics, and where finger prick sampling has been the industry standard.

Unique Technology
  • Alternate site testing – test on sites with less pain nerves
  • Penetration depth – customizable to reach capillaries, not nerves
  • Vacuum – draws blood to the surface of the skin
  • Vibration – blocks transmission of pain signals
  • Speed – lancing is 4x faster than other lancing devices
Controlling Penetration Depth
  • Genteel utilizes Contact Tips to precisely control lancing depth
  • Each Contact Tip is a different thickness, which determines the lancet’s level of penetration
  • Genteel has 6 depth settings to adjust to different body types and test sites
  • Genteel lances up to 4x faster than spring-loaded systems
  • Typical lancing devices slice into the skin instead of using a precise vertical direction
  • Genteel’s speed of 18 milliseconds is so fast the body doesn’t get a chance to generate pain